The newspaper

Surma was launched in 1978 and has been in circulation for over 35 years. It is solely aimed at the Bangladeshi community living in Britain today.

Surma is the largest circulating newspaper outside of Bangladesh. It's success is due to the fact that it is aimed at the Sylheti speaking community living in Britain (research has shown that over 90% of Bangladeshi's living in Britain are originally from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh).

The Bangladeshi community is the largest ethnic group in Britain in relation to size of country, there are an estimated 350,000 Bangladeshi's living in England.

Surma's circulation currently stands at 15,500, with a readership in excess of 62,000.


Male readers:72%
Female readers:28%

Age group

20 - 3012%
31 - 5063%
51 & over25%

Employment status

Self employed19%
Catering & clothing26%
Clerical & Admin20%
Managerial & Professional23%


Surma is the first Bangla language newspaper to be distributed through the newstrade via WHSmiths, John Menzies and Dawsons, as well as the other affiliated newstrade distributors.Surma can be ordered and purchased through any newsagent across Britain.

Client base

Recruitment: Royal Mail, Metropolitan Police, Royal Airforce, Inland Revenue and most local authorities across Britain.

In terms of display advertising we have run campaigns for Advance Communications, 3G phones, BT, Lotto, Money Gram, HSBC, Natwest and most departments within the COI.

Recruitment and display advert rate

SCC £18.00
Spot Colour15%
Agency commission10%
Prices exclude VAT.

Mechanical data (mm)

1 col40 Full page256x370
2 col85 Half page256x185
3 col128 Half page potrait185x256
4 col172 Quarter page126x185
5 col217 Eighth page126x90
6 col256


Deadline for copy & artwork: Wednesday 5.00pm prior
Publication day: Every Friday

Contact details

Editorial: 020 7041 9494
Advertising: 020 7377 9787

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